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Youth Engagement

  • 84% of the surveyed young people agree that they need more information to prevent climate change.
    U.N. Environment Program, 2011
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  • About 73% of surveyed youth say they currently feel the effects climate change.
    U.N. Environment Program, GlobeScan Survey, 2008
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  • 89% of youth respondents say young people can make a difference on climate change.
    U.N. Environment Program, GlobeScan Survey, 2008
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  • Intensification of extreme weather events & climate change represent major threats to the health and well-being of youth.
    U.N. Environment Program, 2011
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Special Discount on Student Memberships

For a limited time, we are offering student memberships at an amazing discount in order to build up our base of young members.  During this promotion, our regular CF 25.00 per year membership is reduced to CF 5.00 per year.  Click the button below to take advantage of this special promotional discount before its too late!

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World's Largest Lesson

Find out more about this U.N. project to help get youth engaged to end poverty, fight inequality and tackle climate change!

Let's get started in our new initiative by gathering together friends who share our common passion. We can get to know each other online and come up with regional and global initiatives that can increase awareness of the various elements of organizational sustai

By teaming with each other, we can leverage all of our individual talents and have a huge impact!

Please sign up for a discounted student membership. Once you are a student member, you'll show up on the youth email list and will receive communications from our Director of Youth Engagement who will ask about your interests and talents to see how you can best contribute to the group.

We look forward to working with you!

Youth Reporting

To get a sense of what sustainability initiatives young people are undertaking around the world, we are looking for youth ambassadors to report on what is already underway in their communities so we can share ideas and best practices. By learning from each other, we can find ways of improving the sustainability practices in our local communities.

To participate, please send a short email to the ISC Youth Engagement Director, with a brief email report. They will post some of the ideas online and may follow up with you via email or social media to get pictures or more details.

Inequality in a Rapidly-Changing World

The UNDESA World Social Report 2020 is out and is focused on the theme of inequality. See the video below for a few key statistics from the report.

International Youth Day (12 August 2020)

Sustainable Celebration Ideas:

  • Park clean ups
  • River/Creek clean ups
  • Tree planting
  • Nature walk/hike
  • Climate change talks
  • Diverse cultures pot-luck lunch
  • Bring healthy food to the homeless
  • Used electronics exchange
  • Electronics recycling collection

Let us know about your own International Youth Day celebrations! Contact us on our social media accounts.

U.N. Youth Flash Newsletter

Read the U.N. Youth Flash newsletter for news on what youth around the world are doing to help meet sustainability goals!