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Who We Are

The International Sustainability Council (ISC) is a Geneva, Switzerland-based non-profit organization established to promote organizational sustainability around the world. The organization's aim is to extend the work that went in to creating the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which focus on the sustainability of nations, to cover the sustainability of organizations.

With cooperation from academics, consultants and NGOs from around the world, the ISC has developed its Organizational Sustainability Model™ (OSM™) and is administering a system for assessing the performance of organizations against the model. 

And given that the main goal of sustainability is to preserve the world for our future generations, we have an active youth wing that is key to everything we do.

The mandate in our founding statutes includes:

  • Creating and publishing global standards for assessing organizational sustainability
  • Promoting the global sustainability standards mentioned above
  • Promoting organizational and project sustainability globally
  • Providing training on how to assess against the abovementioned standards
  • Accrediting organizations around the world to perform assessments
  • Issuing certificates to organizations and projects that have met minimum thresholds defined within the standards
  • Issuing certificates to individuals who have demonstrated a high-degree of knowledge about the standards
  • Acknowledging organizations and projects that have achieved a high level of sustainability excellence