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Our Structure

The International Sustainability Council has been formed as a Geneva-based non-profit association under Articles 60 et seq. of the Swiss Civil Code (SCC). It is structurally composed of four bodies: the General Assembly, Governing Committee, Officers and Auditor.

General Assembly

The General Assembly is the Association's supreme authority. It is composed of all the Founding, Full and Associate Members.  The General Assembly:

  • Appoints the members of the Committee when their terms expire (Article 65 SCC);
  • Appoints the President, the Secretary and the Treasurer when their terms expire (Article 65 SCC);
  • Notes the contents of the reports and financial statements for the year and votes on their adoption;
  • Approves the annual budget;
  • Supervises the activity of other organs, which it may dismiss, stating the grounds therefore;
  • Appoints an auditor for the Organization's accounts;
  • Decides on any modification of statutes (Article 66 SCC);
  • Decides on the dissolution of the Association; and
  • Fixes the annual membership fees.

Governing Committee

The Governing Committee (a.k.a. “Committee”) is authorized to carry out all acts that further the purposes of the Association. It has the most extensive powers to manage the Association's day-to-day affairs. It is composed of a minimum of three unpaid members elected by the General Assembly. The Governing Committee:

  • Takes appropriate measures to achieve the goals of the association;
  • Convenes the ordinary and extraordinary General Assemblies;
  • Takes decisions with regard to admission of new members as well as the resignation and expulsion of members;
  • Ensures that statutes are applied, drafts rules of procedure, and administers the assets of the association;
  • Provides business direction to the Officers;
  • Removes an Officer from his or her role between General Assembly meetings if a majority of Committee members feel that an Officer is not fulfilling his or her role or is not working in the best interests of the association. (In case of such a removal, the Committee will immediately call an extraordinary General Assembly to elect a replacement.)


The Officers are elected by the General Assembly and work under the direction of the Committee. The function of the Officers are to run the day-to-day operations of the Association. The Officers:

  • Maintain membership records and collect membership dues,
  • Complete and submit required government filings,
  • Answer general inquiries,
  • Pay approved expenses,
  • Manage the bank accounts,
  • Issue certificates for assessed organizations and projects,
  • Issue certificates of accreditation for approved assessment organizations,
  • Sign agreements, and
  • Any other operational activity directed by the Committee.

The current officer positions are held by the same person:

Role Responsibilities Current Position Holder
President Responsible for the day-to-day running of the Association. The President also chairs ordinary and extraordinary meetings of the General Assembly. Our current presidentGianni Antenna

Secretary Responsible for maintaining membership records, meeting minutes, and any other documentation produced (for both internal and external use) by the Association. The secretary creates a membership report for each ordinary General Assembly meeting. The Secretary also acts as a backup to the President for chairing General Assembly meetings. Our current presidentGianni Antenna

Treasurer Responsible for banking, paying bills, and maintaining the financial records of the Association. The Treasurer creates a financial report for each ordinary General Assembly meeting and makes financial records available to the Auditor upon request. Our current presidentGianni Antenna



Each year the General Assembly appoints an auditor. It may also entrust this task to a fiduciary company.

The current auditor is:

Role Responsibilities Current Position Holder
Auditor The auditor shall check the operating and annual accounts prepared by the committee and present a written and detailed report to the annual ordinary general meeting. VACANT